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100 Tasks Learn

The same proven venture building process that launched the likes of Zalando and Delivery Hero takes you through the three stages of building a successful startup (Setup, Launch, Scale). It encompasses all the functions of the value-chain including ideation, fundraising, developing your MVP, rapid scaling, and more.
100 Step-by-Step Tasks
100+ Explainer Videos
Overview Poster
Day 1 to IPO
"Very structured approach that really simplifies all the ins and outs of building a startup, relieving you of a lot of stress and wasted time in trying to decide how to move forward and choose your next step. "
- Michael Hunt

50+ Powersheets

Don't reinvent the wheel. Our plug-&-play startup building toolkit consists of easily customizable spreadsheets, charters, roadmaps, checklists, calculators, reports, dashboards, trackers, and more.
Financial models
Pitch deck templates
SOPs & Checklists
Plug-&-Play in seconds
"The Powersheets are so informative and time saving and the weekly group coaching calls give you that extra bit of help to a constant path to success."
-Jack N.

Stellar Community

Tap into the collective expertise of our team and other venture builders in the 100 Tasks Community.

This a dedicated slack group to network and discuss, as well as a dedicated Community Manager to onboard you the moment you join!
Meet Founders
Slack Community
Community Manager
Events and more
" The community has been the most value aspect of the system. Tapping into collective knowledge and having a living, breathing resource ready to try their hand at solving my roadblocks.. Invaluable to my journey these last six months. I can’t wait to see the many more founders, investors, thinkers that will stumble into this! "
-Sean P.

Project Management

Leverage our in-house Project Management tool to build a seamless bridge between your internal workflow and the guiding structure of the 100 Tasks. Including an integrated interface to place definitive timelines on each task, assign within your team, and a Kanban board for further oversight. 
Free Team Access
Assign Tasks
Calendar View
Comments & Feedback
Kanban Boad
Stay on Track
"Just a huge difference maker! We started on the 100 Tasks without the tool and the sheer volume of content was a lot to digest. But the PM feature allows us to stay on top of everything and collaborate seamlessly between our small team. Can 10/10 recommend for anyone looking to build a workflow around the 100 Tasks! "
- Rafael S.

Startup AI

Accelerate the 100 Tasks timeline through the power of AI - We’ve developed bespoke algorithms through a number of our tasks, allowing you to tick the box throughout the framework, all in one place! Automate manual processes, structure creative due diligence and institute a lean foundation for future workflow.
20+ Tools
Specially Trained
Investor Finder
Ad Copy Generator
Slogan Generator
Incubator Finder
Ideation Help
FAQ Writer
" The AI value-add really takes the system to the next tier - Essentially like watching a video at 1.5x - We’ve done everything from automate tedious manual processes to accelerate core stages of the process like further ideation. A critical must-have for the system!! "
-Fernando M.

Cohort Coaching

Get all hands on deck. Our 100 Tasks Coaches will leverage their experiences with successful exits, deep functional expertise, established networks, and a tireless familiarity with the 100 Tasks Framework to push your venture toward the finish line.
Small groups (3-5)
Individual advisory
Expert coaches
1 Hour per week
"If you need some more information and support on certain topics, you can directly ask the expert coaches anything you need to clarify. I highly recommend attending these calls as I do myself."
-Jack N.

Here's what our customers say

"The 100 Tasks is a true necessity for any entrepreneur! The playbook is full of useful insights and the Slack community helps people support one another. I wish we had this systematic approach when we were building WeTransfer."
Co-Founder, We-Transfer
"Most venture studios possess — at most! — 50% of the know-how contained in the Playbook. Due to the gigantic value packed into this startup manual, I told Martin that he can basically charge whatever he wants for the System."
-Michael van Lier
CEO, We Are Builders
"Martin's process was an easy-to-follow instruction manual that explained many tasks that weren't even on our radar."
-Dominik Ziems
Lead of KPMG Project KOSMOS
"The 100 Tasks got us to MVP at lightning speed and helped us clinch great investors! I'm also using the 100 Tasks to start two new projects. And I've been given a board position at another company. Thanks, Martin!"
Jonathan Fried
Founder, in-Court app

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* The 100 Tasks Startup AI & Project Management Tool is free for the first month, then $199 per month – cancel at any time, no questions asked.
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Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got you covered.

Can I get a refund*?

Yes! We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Refunds given when requested by email, by someone who has purchased the system less than 14 days prior, and has viewed less than 20% of the platform.

We are very confident in our system and therefore want to give you peace of mind when purchasing by offering you the opportunity to refund should your expectations not be met! 

What is the 100 Tasks PM and AI tool? 

The Project Management and AI feature is a cloud-based extension of ours that integrates with our framework to provide teams and individuals with a way to place projects on actionable and concrete timelines, collaborate seamlessly within a team, structure a workflow, and automate tasks within the framework. It is powered by AI and is free for the first month when purchased with the core system, then automatically rebilled at $199/mo. after that, cancel anytime.

What does the system help with?

Our proprietary platform will enable the founder journey through a variety of features.

Can I get an invoice and does this qualify as a business expense?

Yes, once you purchase you will automatically be sent an invoice. You can business expense this purchase and if you are a registered business you can get your VAT refunded as well.

Is this for me?

If you want to launch and scale a startup – then yes. The 100 Task System is for founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, managers, corporations, and anyone who is involved in helping a new venture take off the ground (or has plans to do so).

Does this work for my industry?

The 100 Tasks was designed to be applicable regardless of the industry or geography of the venture.  The 100 Tasks contain the strategies, best-practices, and specific tools that will enable a founder.

Our Story

" I found myself one day in what felt like a closed-off world: Knee-deep in the startup landscape and advising corporate launchpads.

At some point, things became repetitive. Regardless of the industry, background, or intricacies of a company, the steps were always the same when it came to building. Afterwards, I started to think about how useful this could be to a lot of people. More than that, I started asking the question of why exactly this knowledge was shut away behind closed doors.

I realized that there was a process behind it all and a clear pattern to building a venture.

I distilled all of my venture building knowledge into one place and began to share it with the broader startup community.

The 100 Tasks was built to expand the borders of this bubble I had found myself in some years ago. To empower whoever has an idea to turn that idea into something tangible. The 100 Tasks was built to democratize entrepreneurship. "

- Martin Bell, CEO & Founder
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Our partners help us democratize entrepreneurship

Westerwelle Foundation

Helping build emerging markets throughout the African Continent! Our 100 Tasks Framework is being utilized by non-profit incubators to empower local entrepreneurs.


Decreasing entrepreneurial risk for a bubbling tech scene! The 100 Tasks is helping foster the growth of two of Europe’s prime startup hubs in Berlin and Hamburg.

University of Amsterdam

Bridging the gap between the classroom and the market! Providing the 100 Tasks to the UvA incubator to bring a level of practicality not present in current academia.

Meet the Team

Martin Bell

Founder & CEO

Alexander Schröder, PhD

Startup Strategist & Coach

Zachary Sadler

Head of Operations

Diana Cherevko

Venture Analyst