Join the 100 Tasks Affiliate Network

Builders! Welcome to the threshold of our 100 Tasks Affiliate Program. We are expanding our community by using our most valued resource: Our Community! Do you have a strong foothold in your local startup ecosystem? Or a broad network that includes other venture builders who could benefit from a proven process, much like yourself? Spread the wealth, and earn commission while doing it! 

All you need to know:

  1. You get a 20% Commission on ALL products and ALL re-bills.
  2. Plus, the people you refer also get a unique 20% discount if they use your link
  3. You’ll also benefit from instant payouts to your bank account or your PayPal (whichever you prefer) after our 14-day refund period is over. 
  4. If you get accepted as an affiliate, you’ll receive a unique tracking url that tracks people’s cookies. If someone clicks on your link, the cookies will be stored — and once they purchase it will be attributed to you. The credit policy is “last click” and you’ll receive your unique tracking link from PayKickstart.
  5. This method of tracking is extremely beneficial for all of our affiliates because high ticket products usually have a pretty long lead time before people purchase. If, for example, someone clicks on your link and they purchase 2 months later, it will still get attributed to you.
  6. Plus, we run A LOT of retargeting ads. If people you referred come in through our retargeting ads or through our email sequence, you’ll still get the commissions. Not a bad deal to be honest. :)
  7. By applying you agree to our Affiliate Guidelines.

Help us to democratize entrepreneurship starting with those who are closest to you first. And why not get a slice of the cake while you’re at it?