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We are expanding our community by using our most valued resource: Our Community! Do you have a strong foothold in your local startup ecosystem? Or a broad network that includes other venture builders who could benefit from a proven process, much like yourself? Share the benefits, and earn rewards in the process!

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Why Choose 100 Tasks?

Proven Platform: We've helped countless startups succeed. Now, we want you to be a part of this journey.
Earn Fairly: For every referral, earn a 20% commission. No gimmicks, just genuine rewards.
Cookies: 60 day cookie period.
Support Always: Questions? Concerns? We're here to help every step of the way.
Resources Ready: Get access to promotional materials to make your affiliate journey smooth.

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Affiliate Benefits

Transparent Earnings: Know exactly how much you're earning and when.
Payments: Once the 14-day refund period concludes, you'll promptly receive your earnings.
Track Progress: Use our PayKickstart dashboard to monitor referrals and commissions.
Benefit from Our Retargeting: We run a significant amount of retargeting ads. Even if the people you referred come back to us through these ads or our email sequences, you'll still earn your commission. It's a win-win!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I promote 100 Tasks?

You are free to use your affiliate link wherever you see fit. We don’t, however, condone spamming, and any affiliate caught doing so will be banned, and their affiliate payments will be void. When you use affiliate links, you agree to our terms of service. Remember that some local laws will require you to inform your readers that you will receive a commission for sales generated through your affiliate link.

2. How much can I earn? 

For each sale, the commission rate is 20% and the rebills commission rate is also 20%.

3. Can I use my own affiliate link for my own purchases?

No, you cannot get a rebate using your own affiliate link.

4. How can I get paid?

Choose between a direct bank transfer or PayPal, based on your preference.

5. Is there a minimum payout requirement?

No, instant payouts after 14 days refund period.

6. What is the affiliate's terms and conditions policy?

By applying, you agree to our Affiliate Guidelines.

Ready to Partner?

Help us to democratize entrepreneurship, starting with those who are closest to you first. And why not get a slice of the cake while you’re at it? If you have any questions regarding our affiliate program, contact our affiliate manager directly at nowfel@bell.ventures

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