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  • Learn from Martin Bell, previously Chief Architect of Rocket Internet's 100 Day Launch Process and Harvard MPA & Wharton MBA
  • Get your Proven Step-by-Step Guide for Builders: Startup Founders, Digital Consultants, and Corporate Innovators
  • Gain Insights from 100+ Startups (From Day 1 to IPO)
What is the 100 tasks playbook?
A bulletproof plug-and-play system with real life cases covering the entire value chain.
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Templates and Worksheets
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The 3 Stages

Each of the three quintessential stages consists of 5 substages.
Stage 1


In this foundational stage, you will travel the entire ideation journey. You will use our proven tools to create your long list of business ideas,  crystallize it into a short list, and then validate that short list. Your winning business ideas move onto the next stage!

Also, you will learn how to set up your launchpad (incubator, accelerator, venture studio, company builder, etc.). You will build your launchpad's scalable infrastructure so that you can rapidly launch and scale multiple startups.
Stage 2


In this stage, you will bring to market and successfully commercialize your validated idea. You will learn how to systematically build out your company’s entire value chain in order to quickly achieve go-live (i.e. first revenues). You will ensure that your company's various functions will be built to last. All the while, you will focus only on implementing your launch-critical features.
Stage 3


In this final stage, you will optimize your "live" company’s entire value chain. You will implement best practices for each of your company's functions so that your company grows rapidly yet sustainably. Lastly, you will leverage your company's data to adjust your business model in order to ultimately achieve product-market fit.
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More About Martin Bell

Martin is a global startup advisor, angel investor, and Founder & CEO of Bell Ventures. He advises corporates, investors, governments, and start-ups. Additionally, he is a thought leader and a keynote speaker on the topic of company building within organizations.

He was previously the Chief architect of Rocket Internet's 100-day launch process, and helped build ~50 companies. He also shined as an interim executive in 5 companies (incl. Zalando, Delivery Hero, and Foodora).

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Global leaders agree that the Playbook is a critical resource

"Most venture studios possess — at most! — 50% of the know-how contained in the Playbook. Due to the gigantic value packed into this startup manual, I told Martin that he can basically charge whatever he wants for the Playbook."

Michael van Lier
CEO of We Are Builders, Netherlands

"Martin's Playbook helped us turn our own digital venture, which applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to deal advisory, into a success. The Playbook was an easy-to-follow instruction manual that explained many tasks that weren't even on our radar."

Dominik Ziems
Lead of KPMG Project KOSMOS, Germany

"The 100 Task Playbook (and all of its great templates, checklists, and videos) is a MUST-HAVE for anyone who wants a clear instruction manual on how to build a massively valuable company — as quickly as possible!"

Henry Thurner, PhD
EXIST DeepTech Founder, Germany

“We were stuck and our revenue stagnated. Martin’s Playbook helped us to fundamentally rethink our business model. After some tough changes, we launched in 5 new markets within 2 months. Thank you, Martin!“

Maria Lorenzo
PropTech Entrepreneur, Singapore

"The 100 Tasks got us to MVP at lightning speed and helped us clinch great investors! I'm also using the 100 Tasks to start two new projects. And I've been given a board position at another company. Thanks, Martin!"

Jonathan Fried
Founder in-Court app (presented to Shark Tank), USA
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The 100 Tasks Playbook

Get access for one user only for the 100 Task Playbook and gain access to many ready-to-use features, videos and tools.

The 100 Task Playbook (100+ cloud-based slides)

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A Proven Step-by-Step Guide for Venture Builders

A bulletproof plug-and-play system with real life cases covering the entire value chain.

Access to community discussions regarding venture building

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got you covered. Please find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you cannot find an answer to your specific question, don't hesitate to reach out to us at 100tasks@bell.ventures.

Are the templates and videos included?

The templates and videos are not included when purchasing a license of the 100 Tasks Playbook, however, you will be given the opportunity to purchase the templates and videos once you purchase the playbook itself.

What will I learn in the videos?

In the three explanatory videos, Martin provides unique insights and real-life cases from his previous experience of building approximately 100 ventures with the 100 Task Launch Process. In the videos he highlights common mistakes in each of the tasks and give you further guidance on how to implement them most effectively. Each of the videos is approximately 20 minutes long.

Can I get an invoice and does this qualify as a business expense?

For sure, once you purchase you will automatically be sent an invoice. You can business expense this purchase and if you are a registered business you can get your VAT refunded as well.

How will I get access to the Playbook?

After your purchase you will receive a confirmation e-mail with further instructions to get access to the cloud-based version of the 100 Task Playbook. Any future updates will be automatically reflected there.

"I’ve distilled all my venture building knowledge into a bulletproof system that allows ventures to launch in 100 days max! The 100 Tasks Playbook caters to founders, entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, managers, intrapreneurs, and anyone who is involved in helping a new venture take off the ground (or has plans to do so!). I’ve worked on the Playbook for the past couple of years now and I'm absolutely ecstatic to finally be able to share this blueprint for success with the broader start-up community."

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The 100 Tasks Playbook | A Proven Step-by-Step Guide for Venture Builders.